Croatia WS5 – Communication and creating awareness

The fifth BUILD UPON workshop „Communication and Awareness“, organized jointly by the Croatia Green Building Council and HUPFAS (Croatian Association of Façade Producers), took place on November 22nd 2016 in the Antunović hotel in Zagreb. It involved over 80 stakeholders divided into 10 groups and addressed the barriers in communication between relevant stakeholders and creating...Read More

Slovak Green Building Council created the brochure “Preparation of deep renovation of public buildings”.

Short guidelines are intended for representatives of towns and villages. The brochure is a step by step manual to make a deep renovation economically and technically feasible. It focuses not only on energy efficiency but also on healthy indoor environment.  Consistent, thorough preparatory work and planning is vital for high quality renovation. Therefore, it targets decisions made...Read More

Build Upon Turkey Highlights

ÇEDBİK organized 5th national workshop on Awareness in Izmir within the Turkeybuild Fair. Turkish GBC managed to reach thousands of fair attendees and it had a huge impact regarding the building sector in Turkey. Çedbik agreed for cooperation and collaboration through Build Upon with other regional level projects such as Nebula and Bricker connecting Renowiki and other...Read More

Romania Green Building Council meets State Councelor of the Prime Minister

Today, 11 November 2016 at the Romanian Government office, the Executive Director of Romania Green Building Council, Mrs. Monica Ardeleanu met the State Counsellor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Victor Giosan. They have discussed about the Build Upon project and Romania’s renovation strategy. For the last months Romania Green Building Council have organized in 7...Read More

Ireland – The Emergence of Building Performance Leases

The Irish Green Building Council and the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland are working together to develop an effective tenant/landlord strategy for energy efficiency in commercial buildings. In Ireland, the commercial and industrial sectors combined account for close to 30% of total final energy consumption and comprise a heterogeneous mix of organisations, both in terms...Read More

Experts Discuss potential updates for the v2 of the Latvian Renovation Strategy

On 30th of September the 3rd BUILD UPON project workshop was held to discuss recommendations for the Latvian Renovation Strategy v2. The seminar took place in the Splendid Palace, which is an architectural monument of Riga and was renovated in 2010. Around 30 participants gathered together to discussed the most crucial and important issues regarding...Read More

Restarting the dialogue process in Spain

After the pause made in summer, GBCe restarts this week the workshops journey in Barcelona. The dialogue process continues with a session that will focus on professional agents, specifically in their training and education. The session will take place on October 5 in the CAATEEB. More information here here. Within the complete series of 8...Read More

Irish Green Building Council presents renovation strategy recommendations to Minister Naughten

On Thursday, 22nd September, Pat Barry, CEO of the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) presented the recommendations for the next national renovation strategy to the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten T.D. The 10 recommendations were developed based on the findings from the Build Upon workshops in Ireland. Included in the report are recommendations on...Read More

Leaders Gather At Madrid Summit

On 20-21 September 2016, BUILD UPON gathered building renovation leaders across Europe for its first European event. If you took part, we hope you enjoy and share this wonderful gallery of photos. You can also see a photo wall here: More