Italy – Workshop 6 – Policy & Regulation: national dialogue outcomes

Main Topic

The workshop aims at collecting the outcomes of previous events and composing action oriented priority guidelines, to define a coherent strategic framework. Key point is the definition of a roadmap with objectives and KPI aimed at achieving long term goals and implementing a dialogue oriented platform dedicated to monitore and update the imapact of several measures based on measurable results.

Main barriers to address

The main reference is to those barriers analysed in the first workshop and to the coherent framework of barriers identified in the following ones. Problems related to definition, planning and implementation of national strategies are re-called as well as recommendations emerged during the workshop series. The goal is to organise these inputs into success solutions for satisfying needs of all stakeholders of deep energy renovation, to define a policy able to encourage the diffusion of this policy at national scale.

Expected results

At the end of the participated process the outcome will be a document of agreed recommendations to be delivered to the central government to support the definition of the national strategy for deep energy renovation of the building stock.

Other Events

There are no other events currently. Please check again later.