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Proceso participativo para las Estrategias Nacionales de Rehabilitación

El proyecto tiene como objetivo empoderar a 1000 actores clave – desde gobiernos y empresas hasta ONGs y propietarios de viviendas – en 13 países diferentes para perfilar el cambio necesario en nuestros edificios existentes. A través de 80 eventos relacionados entre sí, que tendrán lugar en las capitales y ciudades relevantes de los países participantes en el proyecto, generaremos una comunidad colaborativa para ayudar a los países a diseñar e implantar sus estrategias nacionales fortalecidas.


Upcoming Events



10th October
European Parliament

The Dialogue Journey

Cada país organizará una serie de eventos relacionados entre sí para asegurar que se apoyen mutuamente y crear conscientemente
las comunidades de actores necesarias para afrontar el desafío europeo de los edificios existentes.
Habrá una combinación de eventos, algunos se centrarán en cuestiones regionales (que se celebrarán en grandes ciudades),
otros en aspectos nacionales (que se desarrollarán principalmente en las capitales), y otros en temas paneuropeos.
Lanzamiento BUILD UPON
29 Febrero 2016 Madrid
Taller 1: Comunidades Autónomas
16-17 Marzo 2016 Santiago de Compostela
Taller 3: Financiación
14 Junio 2016 Valladolid
Taller 5: Industria
10 Noviembre 2016 Valencia
Taller 6: Actores sociales
2 Febrero 2017 Sevilla


Renovation Strategies Get a Boost as MEPs Vote for Stronger Ambition

 On 12 October, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in the Industry and Energy Committee (ITRE) voted to adopt the BENDSTEN report on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), providing Parliament with a strengthened position ahead of negotiating talks with the European Council on the final version of the EPBD. ITRE’s adoption of the...Read More

BUILD UPON Cited in Forbes as Example of Large-Scale Transformation

A recent Forbes article on “Four Major Success Factors In Large-Scale Transformation” cites the BUILD UPON project as an example of large-scale transformation, alongside examples of disruptive platform businesses such as Airbnb and Uber, as well as the current shift from diesel to electric car engines. “It’s fantastic that the international business community is actively looking...Read More

After BUILD UPON, Green Building Councils want a Stronger Vision for Renovation in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Last month, Energy Ministers across Europe agreed their general approach for the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Sadly, the position of Council weakens the directive and puts the EU at risk of falling short of the commitments agreed under the Paris Agreement. In May, Green Building Councils, buoyed by the success...Read More

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Time to Renovate our Renovation Strategies

By Roberta D’Angiolella (Co-authored with Jonathan Volt and Dan Staniaszek) – Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) Buildings are the lifeblood of society – a place to work, rest, bring up future generations and undertake the myriad other actions that define our existence. The cost, in terms of resource use, energy consumption and maintenance expenditures, of this...Read More

Unleashing the 4th Industrial Revolution in Europe

By Yamina Saheb, Senior Energy Policy Analyst, OpenEXP. The report entitled “Energy Transition of the EU Building Stock – Unleashing the 4th Industrial Revolution in Europe” aims to support the on-going review/revision of EU climate and energy policy instruments. The objective is to contribute to making 2016 the year of delivery for EU instruments aiming to reduce...Read More

Collaboration – the key to unlocking the renovation potential!

At COP21, attendees of ‘Building’s Day’ recognised that, to stay within the 2-degree limit, the buildings sector must decrease emissions by 84 gigatonnes by 2050. Notwithstanding the critical role of buildings in mitigating against climate change, we at the World Green Building Council have long recognised the importance of renovating buildings, not only in terms...Read More

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