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Spain will host a series of workshops and events in 2016-17 focused on the design and delivery of the national renovation strategy. These will be a mixture of national events (in the capital city), local events (in the major cities) and European events connecting national leaders with other European leaders working on their national renovation strategies.

Launch Event - Workshop 0
29 February 2016 Madrid
Workshop 1: Regional Governments
16-17 March 2016 Santiago de Compostela
Workshop 3: Financing
14 June 2016 Valladolid
Workshop 4: Professional Agents
5 October 2016 Barcelona
Workshop 5: Industry
10 November 2016 Valencia
Workshop 6: Social Actors
2 February 2017 Sevilla


Emilio Miguel Mitre
GBC España
BUILD UPON Coordinator. Founding Member and Director of International Affairs of GBCe (Green Building Council España, since 2008). Architect specialized in Building Construction (University of Valladolid, 1982), 1983 Fulbright Scholar and 1984 ITT scholar. MEP (Master of Environmental Planning) specialized in Bioclimatic Architecture, ASU (Arizona State University, 1985), AIA (American...
Dolores Huerta Carrascosa
GBC España
Architect since 1999, formed at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) with further training at the RWTH Aachen (Germany). She accomplishes urban planning, construction and refurbishment projects and construction management within different areas (offices, housing, winery, etc..) from the standpoint of bioclimatic architecture, integrated in its environment. At present she...
Bruno Sauer
GBC España
Architect-Urban Designer-Researcher. CEO GBCe...
Raquel Díez Abarca
GBC España
BUILD UPON Assistant Coordinator. Architect specialized in Building Construction (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 2002). Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture and Sustainability (EPFL-UCL, 2007)...
Juan Rubio del Val
Sociedad Municipal Zaragoza Vivienda
Urban Architect (E.T.S.A. de Navarra,1976). Renovation Department Manager at Zaragoza Municipal Housing Company...
Alicia Torrego
Fundación Conama
Physicist CONAMA Manager...
Peter Sweatman
Climate Strategy & Partners
Chief Executive of Climate Strategy & Partners, a strategic consultant in Clean Energy, Clean Technology, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Strategies. Masters degree in Engineering and Management Studies from Cambridge University....
Begoña Serrano
Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación
PhD Architect Director Valencia Institute of Building, IVE Professor Architecture School UPV...
Ana Etchenique
Deputy President Spanish Confederation of Consumers and Users...
Albert Cuchí
Architect (ETSAB, 1983) and teacher at Escuela de Arquitectura del Vallès of the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña UPC...
Begoña Leyva
Environmental Director Digital Marketing and Social Media Master Master of Business Administration (MBA) Bachelor's degree, Environmental Sciences...
Enrique Cobreros
CEO AEICE Architect Construction Management Master...
José María Enseñat
CEO ICCL (Construction Institute Castilla y León)...
Albert Grau
Fundación La Casa que Ahorra
Ignacio de la Puerta
Architect. Former Director of Housing, Innovation and Control...
Ángel Mª Marinero
Regional Ministry of Public Works of Castilla y León
Director General of Housing, Architecture and Urbanism...
Beatriz García
Triodos Bank
Manager of housing and sustainable construction, Enterprises and Institutions Bank at Triodos Bank...
Daniel Morcillo
Chief of the Technical Team at the Municipal Housing and Land Company of Madrid...
Eva Raga i Domingo
"Va Cabanyal" Plan
Architect specialized on planning instruments, habitat and renovation of human settlements in disadvantaged environment and neighborhood participation processes technician. Member of the drafting team of the EDUSI of El Cabanyal (Valencia)...
Felipe Pich-Aguilera
President of Green Building Council España (GBCe)...
Francisco Javier González
Arquitect town planner, professor in several universities, specialized in urban regeneration. Member of the group of experts on renovation and sustainability GTR and member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Sustainability and Architecture (ASA)...
Inés Leal
Tecmared Group
Editor and development manager at Tecma Red Group...
Jordi Mas
Santa Coloma de Gramanet City Council
Deputy Mayor of Housing and Urban Planning of Santa Coloma de Gramanet (Barcelona)...
Jordi Amela
Barcelona City Council
Technical Director of Renovation of the Housing Consortium of Barcelona...
Jordi Marrot
Responsible of rehabilitation and environment department at CAATEEB...
Jordi Bolea
La Casa que Ahorra Foundation
Former manager of La Casa que Ahorra Foundation...
Luis Vara
President of the Neighborhood Association of Ciudad de los Ángeles...
Maria Teresa de Diego
Responsible of Urban Renovation Area at Ferrovial Agroman...
Mario Sánchez-Herrero
ECOOO Revolución Solar Cofounder...
Marta Rodríguez Gironés
Technical of the Sustainable Development Directorate at FEMP...
Patricia Fernández Haring
Member of the Governing Board of the COAM ...
Pilar Pereda Suquet
Madrid City Council
Advisor of Sustainable Urban Development at Madrid City Council...
Sandra Barañano
Technical and Marketing Advisor at ANDIMAC...
Sebastián Molinero
Director of ANDIMAC...
Santos de Paz
Cluster Mejores Edificios
Coordinator of the Cluster Mejores Edificios...
Xavier Martí
Catalunya Regional Government
Responsible for European Programs at Generalitat de Catalunya...
Raquel del Río
Madrid City Council
Advisor of Sustainable Urban Development at Madrid City Council...
Francisco Azorín
Fent Estudi
Architect specialized in community projects of local development. Member of the drafting team of the EDUSI of El Cabanyal (Valencia)...
Gloria Gómez
PhD Artquitect and co-founder of the cc60 architecture studio. Responsible for the Technical Area of the CSCAE. Editor of studies and projects of bioclimatic architecture and integrated in its environment and sustainable renovation. Teacher in several Colleges of Architects and Universities and advisor on the application of sustainability and energy...
Javier García Breva
La Oficina de JGB
President of N2E and expert in energy policies from the JGB Office, advising in the fields of energy in buildings, legal security in renewables and comprehensive energy efficiency projects. His extensive experience in energy regulation, renewable energies, savings and efficiency and energy planning comes from the different responsibilities exercised in the...
José Luis López
Environmental scientist from the Association of Environmental Sciences specialized in Energy and Climate Change...

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