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Co-Creating National Renovation Strategies

The project aims to empower 1,000 key stakeholders – from governments and businesses, to NGOs and householders – across 13 countries, to shape the change needed in our existing buildings. By holding over 80 connected events in the capitals and major cities of the project countries throughout 2016 and 2017, we’ll create a collaborative community to help countries design and implement their strengthened national renovation strategies.

Upcoming Events

Panorama of Stockholm, Sweden

Ireland – Workshop 5 “Final Commercial & Public Sectors Workshop”

29 September 2016 (tbc)
International Energy Research Centre, Cork

Bulgaria -Workshop 3 “Policy & Regulation”

September 29th 2016 (TBC)

Italy – Workshop 2 – “Skills and Capacity Building”

4-8 July 2016 (date TBC)
Trento, Italy

The Dialogue Journey

Each country will host a series of events, each one linked to ensure they build upon one another and consciously create the communities of actors needed to meet Europe's existing building challenge. There will be a mixture of events; some focusing on regional issues (held in major cities), some on national issues (held in capital cities), and others on pan-European issues. Below is an example of the Dialogue Journey each GBC will host - go to each country page to view detail of the specific events each country is hosting.
Workshop 1 – Awareness
14. 04. 2016 Slovakia
European Summit
20-21 September 2016 Madrid, Spain
European Summit
February 2017 Across Europe


Building Skills, Building Quality

The importance of upskilling the construction industry in energy efficiency was highlighted at the first four Build Upon Workshops in Ireland. Over the last three years, the QualiBuild project developed a low-energy construction training programme for building construction workers, as well as a training programme for existing construction trainers. This was in response to the Build...Read More

Residential Buildings Renovation – Barriers and Initiatives Workshop in Czech Republic

Residential Buildings Renovation – Barriers and Initiatives 1st Czech National Workshop Prague, 1 June 2016 Impact Hub Prague   Marketing and communication of residential buildings sector First of series of workshops supporting the National Renovation Strategy was related to residential buildings and existing barriers that can be identified in this buildings sector. Main goal of...Read More

Further details of the Madrid Leaders’ Summit announced!

In April, countries around the world signed the historic Paris Agreement reached at COP 21. Europe must now raise its ambition, and one of the greatest environmental and societal challenges we collectively face is the renovation of Europe’s buildings. The Summit Partners are coming together to host renovation leaders from across Europe at a two day...Read More


Unleashing the 4th Industrial Revolution in Europe

By Yamina Saheb, Senior Energy Policy Analyst, OpenEXP. The report entitled “Energy Transition of the EU Building Stock – Unleashing the 4th Industrial Revolution in Europe” aims to support the on-going review/revision of EU climate and energy policy instruments. The objective is to contribute to making 2016 the year of delivery for EU instruments aiming to reduce...Read More

Collaboration – the key to unlocking the renovation potential!

At COP21, attendees of ‘Building’s Day’ recognised that, to stay within the 2-degree limit, the buildings sector must decrease emissions by 84 gigatonnes by 2050. Notwithstanding the critical role of buildings in mitigating against climate change, we at the World Green Building Council have long recognised the importance of renovating buildings, not only in terms...Read More

The Retrofit Revolution Will Be Financed

Europe’s ambition to reduce the energy use of the existing building stock by 80% by 2050 raises many challenges. At the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) we focus on attracting the capital that will be needed for such large-scale building renovation programmes. As European countries put in place their long-term national renovation strategies ahead of Brussels’...Read More

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