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Co-Creating National Renovation Strategies

The project aims to empower 1,000 key stakeholders – from governments and businesses, to NGOs and householders – across 13 countries, to shape the change needed in our existing buildings. By holding over 80 connected events in the capitals and major cities of the project countries throughout 2016 and 2017, we’ll create a collaborative community to help countries design and implement their strengthened national renovation strategies.

Upcoming Events


Workshop 3: Financing

Valladolid, Spain
Bo01 området med Turning Torso i Västra Hamnen

How do we make deep renovation happen?

23-27 May 2016
Malmo, Sweden

How do we make deep renovation happen?

23-27 May 2016
Malmö, Sweden

Circular Economy and Renovations

Bucharest, Romania

Workshop 2 – Skills&Capacity Building

4-8 July 2016 (date TBC)
Trento, Italy

Workshop 2 – Skills and Capacity Building

Wood Quay

Public Procurement – Green Buildings

2 June 2016 (tbc)
Brno, Czech Republic

Workshop II – Financе & Economics

May 19th, 2016 (TBC)
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Dialogue Journey

Each country will host a series of events, each one linked to ensure they build upon one another and consciously create the communities of actors needed to meet Europe's existing building challenge. There will be a mixture of events; some focusing on regional issues (held in major cities), some on national issues (held in capital cities), and others on pan-European issues. Below is an example of the Dialogue Journey each GBC will host - go to each country page to view detail of the specific events each country is hosting.
National Launch Events
March/April 2016 Across Europe
National Workshops
May/June 2016 Across Europe
National Workshops
June/July 2016 Across Europe
European Summit
20-21 September 2016 Madrid, Spain
National Workshops
September/October 2016 Europe
National Workshops
November/December 2016 Across Europe
National Workshops
January/February 2017 Across Europe
European Summit
February 2017 Across Europe


Croatia WS1 – Kick-off

As a part of the series of workshops within the BUILD UPON project the Kick-off (1st workshop) was organised by the Croatia Green Building Council on March 31st 2016 at the Westin hotel in Zagreb. Close to 100 stakeholders gathered to learn about the importance of this global project in order to analyse the potential...Read More


The Retrofit Revolution Will Be Financed

Europe’s ambition to reduce the energy use of the existing building stock by 80% by 2050 raises many challenges. At the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) we focus on attracting the capital that will be needed for such large-scale building renovation programmes. As European countries put in place their long-term national renovation strategies ahead of Brussels’...Read More

Could Europe Lead the ‘Green Mortgage’ Charge?

By Jennifer Johnson, Head of Legal & Economic Affairs, European Mortgage Federation – European Covered Bond Council (EMF-ECBC) Lenders represent a community with significant potential to transform the energy efficiency of Europe’s building stock. However, whilst there is much policy in this arena, little of it has focused on supporting energy efficiency lending practices directly. The result...Read More

COP21 & Europe’s Retrofit Challenge

2015 is a mega year in the sustainability calendar. World leaders will meet several times to discuss our most pressing environmental challenges in the run up to what many commentators are billing as the most critical climate change negotiations for a decade. The 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, or...Read More

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