Co-Creating a Declaration for an ambitious National Renovation Strategy across Romania

In the last weeks we have traveled over 4.000 kilometers, organized ten sessions of public consultation in 7 of Romania’s representative cities: Cluj, Iasi, Galati, Brasov, Craiova, Timisoara and Bucharest. We met and discussed a renewal through its buildings of Romania with over 400 people from different ages, and social and economic backgrounds, including private citizens as building occupants and local and national public sector representatives, industry, and civil society. All with the intention to co-create and build support for an ambitious design and implementation of Romania’s National Renovation Strategy.

The goal of this consultation was to facilitate the dialogues, gain an understanding of the benefits and sense of the collective responsibility of all all of the affected parties to successfully transform the existing building stock, both public and private, across all building types, to be more energy efficient and sustainable. Beginning in December 2015 where we asked our “change leaders” to help us to identify the most effective and needed approach, we designed the series of workshops focusing on “Awareness Building” and “Financial Tools” as key themes.

The 2nd of June was selected as a key date where we have presented to the public the collective ambitions and specific ideas of the numerous stakeholders in the form of what became the “Declaration in 10 points regarding the National Renovation Strategy”. Participants were sent a copy of the Declaration in advance of the date so that they could bring additional ideas and feedback to the meeting. The event included a live webcast to facilitate the inclusion of a national audience.


[Photo] Everyone was able to tell what he or she thinks about the renovation strategy 


[Photo] BUILD UPON team members Laura Amaiei and Mihai Toader-Pasti, distributing copies of the Declaration on the 2nd of June event

Participants for the workshops included: Representatives of national government, local administration, the business community, NGOs, Research & Academia, building association representatives and individual occupants, the Romania Green Building Council team and Board Members and other experts in the construction field.  We talked to almost everyone in this journey in Romania to get their input!

Context: Almost 80% of our time in spent in buildings: being at home, working, shopping or visiting public institutions. The safety and health of these buildings having an incredible impact on the population. Romania, as a member of United Nations and the European Union, has to work towards limiting global warming to under 2°C until the end of this century according to COP21 treaty in Paris. Buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emission in the European Union.

018 - WORKSHOP - 02.06.2016

[Photo] Ph.D. Monica Ardeleanu, CEO, Romania Green Building Council

On the 2nd June, at the Municipality of Bucharest’s exemplary and beautiful, deep renovation example, the ARCUB cultural institute, we presented the “Declaration in 10 Points regarding the National Renovation Strategy” to the public for their comments.


Romanian Version here – ”Declarație în 10 puncte”.

English Version here – ”Declaration in 10 points”.

We also had by our side in this #BuildUpon journey and the 2nd of June event four high-level representatives of the Romania Government. Here are some of their public statements at the:

– Anca Ginavar, General Director, Directorate for Territorial Development,  Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

“The Minister is considering the #BuildUpon project and its results as being very important for our society and we hope that this partnership to become stronger. The #BuildUpon project is complementary with a series of actions that our minister took and we are looking forward developing them together. We are hard working on the National Strategy of Living, starting with15th of July it will be in the public debate, and we will take into consideration the suggestion and recommendation that BuildUpon and Romania Green Building Council elaborate.”

Elena Râștei, Counselor to the Minister, Ministry of the Environment, Waters and Forests:

“One of this ministry priorities, under our Minister, Dr. Cristina Pașca Palmer, is to help develop the green building industry. With our Environmental Fund, we are offering financial aid, complementary to the ”Casa Verde” program which is going to be launched starting this year. Even though this program is concentrated toward energy efficiency, it will take into consideration the ecological aspect of the materials used. We are happy to have a formal partnership with the Romania Green Building Council to create better buildings.”

– Bogdana Toader, Counselor, General Directorate of Analysis, Programs, and Evaluation, Ministry for European Funds:

“Horizon 2020 is financed by the European Union, they are launching the themes and they are approving the projects. The Ministry of European Funds is here to help and inform people to participate in these calls and win them. For renovation, the European legislation gives us the possibility to finance with European money through the Regional Operational Programme, under the coordination of MDRAP.”

Alexandra Danu, Counselor to the State Secretary, Ministry of Energy:

“We as a country, government and you, the (BUILD UPON) project, have to take care not to forget about the millions of people living in the countryside, with low income or no income and have to find solutions for them too. This is very important and we should address this issue as soon as possible.”

Agenda is available here.

Online recordings are available here: Part1 and Part2 – Romanian Language.

Video: See a brief video below of the Romania Green Building Council organizing the series of ten national workshops and concurring live webcasts “Change Romania with Build Upon” culminating in the presentation of the “Declaration in 10 points regarding the National Renovation Strategy”

History and Reports: 10 workshops, 7 cities, 4000km:

  1. 1. București – 7th April, 2016

  2. 2. Cluj Napoca – 14thApril, 2016

  3. 3. București – 18thApril, 2016

  4. 4. Iași – 22ndApril, 2016

  5. 5. Galați – 11th May, 2016

  6. 6. Brașov – 13th May, 2016

  7. 7. Craiova – 16th May, 2016

  8. 8. Timișoara – 19th May, 2016

  9. 9. București – 23rd May, 2016

  10. 10. București – 2nd June, 2016


[All Photos by Alin Craciun]

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