25 Italian businesses support BUILD UPON Common Vision

On the 26th of April the press release of the World GBC ‘s European Regional Network announced that a coalition of 300 business in Europe supported the BUILD UPON’s Common Vision that urges the need of defining ambitious renovation strategies by Member States of the European Union.

The intervention comes as EU member states near the deadline ti publish strategies to renovate their buildings and together with the publication of the full list of national recommendations that the 13 Green Building Councils, participating in BUILD UPON project, formally submitted to the European Union at the conclusion of the H2020 project.

Together with GBC Italia a first group of 25 Italian businesses made up of public administration, professional and craft associations, companies, consulting and design groups, manufacturers, NGOs, universities, real estate developers, financial consulting firms, non-governative associations supported the Common Vision:

ACER Reggio Emilia, Ambiente Italia, AMAT Milano, ANCE Milano Lodi Monza Brianza, ANEAPA Confartigianato, ANIT, ASTER Innovazione Attiva, CNA Costruzioni, COAFsrl, Comune di Reggio nell’Emilia, Dipartimento di Architettura di Ferrara – Centro Architettura>Energia, Duff&Phelps REAG, FEDERESCO, FEDERCASA, FIVRA, Harley&Dikkinson Finance, ICMQ, Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica, ITEA, Legambiente, LendLease, Scuola Edile di Firenze, Lungomare srl, Saint Gobain Italia, SITdA

The initiative can be joined in a on-going base, the Italian organizations that want to send their logo to demonstrate their support to the Common Vision at European scale of the BUILD UPON network can contact GBC Italia at buildupon@gbcitalia.org

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