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BUILD UPON is the world’s largest collaborative project on building renovation – bringing together 2,000 organisations, across 13 countries, at over 100 events in 2016-17.

It aims to create a renovation revolution across Europe by helping countries to deliver strategies for renovating their existing buildings. These strategies are critical to cutting Europe’s energy use, reducing the impacts of climate change, and creating buildings that deliver a high quality of life for everyone.

The 2015-17 Horizon 2020 funded period of BUILD UPON has now officially ended and the team are making plans for the future. Watch this space, and click below to join our call for ambitious renovation strategies that fulfil the ambitions of the Paris Agreement…

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European Parliament


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NGOs & Think Tanks
Madrid Leaders Summit : Adrian Joyce (Renovate Europe Campaign)

On why we need to renovate at an unprecedented scale

NGOs & Think Tanks
Madrid Leaders Summit : Erica Hope (European Climate Federation)

On why the buildings sector is crucial to meeting our climate targets

Building Users
Madrid Leaders Summit : Ruth Mourik (DuneWorks)

On why we need to users voices when addressing the renovation challenge

Construction Businesses
Madrid Leaders Summit : Quentin De Hults (BASF)

On how we cannot solve the renovation challenge alone.

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